The Pro-Active Solution To Your Recruitment & Promotion Needs.

An innovative platform to help find and communicate with the right candidates for Apprenticeships, Traineeships and other training and employment opportunities.

Over 200,000+ Registered Users

75k+ Targeted Website Traffic Per Month


Pro-Find allows you to pro-actively search for the best candidates for their vacancies.

Our specialist platforms allow precise candidate profiles to be created based on geography, education and career interest. This allows you to create highly targeted short lists in minutes.

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Marketing Communications support for those that work with young people. Whether you want to raise the profile of your organisation, course or promote a specific opportunity we can help you design and fulfill your campaigns.

With a database of over 200,000 young people across the country, there’s no better partner for your campaigns.

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To support those who require additional support or expertise, we are able to identify candidates and arrange interviews on your behalf.

In addition to the functionality offered by Pro-Find, our team have experience filling a wide range of vacancies around the country and will ensure you receive high quality results in the shortest possible time.

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Custom web and app development to support you and your organisation.

Using our rapid development methodology and open source platform we are able to deliver bespoke web applications to apps and content management systems.

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The GMFJ Way

GetMyFirstJob is an organisation that works with young people across the country to help open up opportunities for employment and education. Through our candidate portal, over 200,000 young people have registered to investigate their options and review jobs and Apprenticeships offered to them through a wide range of Employers or Training Providers

We're far more than just a Jobs Board

By capturing information about young peoples' preferred career choices we are able to help fill vacancies quickly with people that really want to be there – not just those that found your advert.

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Our approach to recruitment is different. Fundamentally different.

We help you to be Pro-active with Pro-Find.

Unlike any other recruitment platform for Apprenticeships, you are able to search our database of young people to find the best candidates for your vacancies. We understand that you don’t need 1,000s of applicants, although we have over 200,000 of them. You need the best 5 to be interviewed for the job. Our profiling system allows you to find them!

Location, GCSEs, UCAS points, career interests and even interview performance can all be considered to help you create the best short list in the shortest time. Simple!

By using this approach you are able to provide shortlists to employers in hours, not weeks, and fill vacancies in days.

We’re proud to work with providers and colleges around the country in their quest to provide outstanding service to employers.

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Integration with the following services....

Leading The Way In Apprenticeships

Vacancies advertised in the last 30 days.
Candidates shortlisted in the last 30 days.
Recruiters currently filling apprenticeship opportunities.
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Through our work with schools and colleges, we have one of the largest and most comprehensive databases of young people in the UK.

We are able to help you design your ideal campaign – profiling your target groups and then fulfilling them on your behalf. We’ll even help with the artwork if you need it.

We run campaigns to support education and training for a wide range of clients to help them with their specificneeds:

  • Promoting educational or careers resources
  • Recruiting for Apprenticeship or Traineeships
  • Recruitment for full-time courses
  • Raising awareness of your brand

Marketing With Pro-Comms

Data Analysis
  • 200,000+ Candidates
  • 3,700 Career Advisers
  • 3,500 UK Schools & Colleges
  • Custom Data-Mining
  • In-house Developers
Accurate Profiling
  • By Age
  • By Location
  • Career Interests
  • GCSE Subjects & Grades
  • A level Subjects & Grades
  • UCAS points
  • Driving Licence
  • Monthly Candidate or Career Adviser emails
  • Targeted e-campaigns
  • School Poster Campaigns
  • Outbound Call & Appointment Generation

Pro-Comms Options

Targeted Email Campaign

A targeted email campaign designed and created by GMFJ, or using your artwork.

Your target audience can be selected by:

Careers & Schools Mailings

We regularly email or send materials to advisers and schools.

This is a great way of communicating directly with those that influence young peoples’ choices


Our newsletter goes out monthly to all subscribers. This is your chance to be included alongside the latest vacancies or careers advice.


We spend our entire lives thinking about the best way to recruit young people for Apprenticeships. As a result, we’ve become quite good at it.

We’re here to help you whether you need some short term help to support your team, a long term recruitment partner, or just a few more learners for a specific project. This solution includes use of all the tools described in this brochure to get you the best result.

"We needed some help to generate some candidates for a distance learning programme. One call to the team at GMFJ and they were off. 45 learners in 2 days? Apparently not a problem! We’re looking forward to working with them again."

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Recruitment with Pro-Fill

Vacancy Fill

Should you need additional resource to cover holidays, or just to help with peak recruitment times, our team are on hand to help. Our management dashboards allow you to track our progress, as if we were part of your team.


We enjoy long term partnerships with our customers. We are proud that the first two customers we worked with are still with us today. This longterm approach makes us an ideal partner for you to work with in providing the full recruitment solution. With extensive experience in outsourced services across a range of industries, why not find out for yourself the benefits we could deliver to you.

Recruitment Projects

We don’t just support recruitment for Apprenticeship and Traineeships. We are able to use our data and infrastructure to provide other recruitment solutions; from distance learning to full time courses we’re here to help.

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We understand the world of education – and IT. As a result we are able to develop bespoke websites for our customers using our unique Rapid Development methodology.

We take great pleasure in delivering systems faster and cheaper than anyone else – so why not give us a try? Some of the biggest names in the industry have...

Whether you want a static site that you can easily edit, or a complex workflow to meet your specific requirements we can help you.

  • GetMyFirstJob | Testimonal

    "The GetMyFirstJob system has paid for itself within the first week of us using it. We've placed two candidates found proactively via the fully searchable database. Turnaround time from vacancy received to apprentice starting? 3 working days!"

    Acorn Training.

  • GetMyFirstJob | Testimonal

    "We needed some help to generate some candidates for a distance learning programme. One call to the team at GMFJ and they were off. 45 learners in 2 days? Apparently not a problem! We’re looking forward to working with them again."

    Dan Wilson, The Skills Network

  • GetMyFirstJob | Testimonal

    "GetMyFirstJob has ensured that I have clear picture of where my team are with vacancies. It is great to be able to see the progress of the vacancies and the time it takes to fill them. We have seen an improvement in this service since using the system and it has made my job easier when tracking performance."

    Gill Rogerson, Head of Apprenticeship Business Development, Kaplan Financial

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